[Funding Goal Date: April 30th, 2020]

Your donation will help Hemato Institute plant 550 trees in front of the perimeter fence. Please use the form below to make your contribution.

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3 Main Reasons to Plant

1. The trees will screen the fence.

We have received some comments from the community that the fence alone is unsightly. Once the trees fill in, this will be addressed completely.


2. It will beautify our farm.

The dense, dark green foliage of the trees will create a perfect backdrop that accents the foreground flowers planned in the future.


3. The trees will function as an additional deer barrier.

A 6ft fence alone is not sufficient enough to stop a determined deer. A fence + hedge will discourage deers from attempting to jump.


Why Cherry Laurels?

1. Beautiful and dense glossy green leaves

2. All year round evergreen

3. Deer resistant

4. Not too tall or too wide

5. Grows well in full sun and also in shady areas


Project Updates

[September 24th, 2019]

Tree hole digging has started.





[October 1st, 2019]

First batch of trees for this year arrived for planting.


[October 5th, 2019]

First row of cherry laurels were planted.

[October 11th, 2019]

Row in front of farm is being planted and mulched.

[October 15th, 2019]

Front row planting is complete. Planning for next year trees have begun.

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