About Our Farm


Behind a stonewall fence lies the history, nature, and discovery of Hemato Institute’s Farm. The farm was established by farmers during the1800’s and later transformed into an estate during the 1920’s by the founder of Columbia Pictures, Jack Cohn. As Cohn’s long time country home, it is believed the grand-colonial residence that is perched atop of a grassy plateau was the inspiration to the award winning Columbia-produced film, “Gone with the Wind”.


Since the ownership of Jack Cohn, the farm has extended its outbuildings, barns, and outdoor entertainment. The amenities on our farm are pleasantly historic, bringing comfort with its rustic ambience. Currently the buildings on our farm are: the Main House, Guest House, Gallery, Office Barn,  and Large Barn. There is a stable where miniature horses were once inhabited, a tennis and bocce court, and a 62’ swimming pool accompanied by a Pool House. There is also the children’s mini-railroad station that was collected from the former Freedomland Amusement Park in Queens, which closed down during the 1960’s. Currently, there are future plans to reconstruct the train station to open for the public’s amusement. With the reconstruction of the children’s train station, we hope to create new memories for the children while digging up memories from the older generation.


Surrounding Hemato Institute’s farm is the 654-acre Angle Fly Preserve, a natural sanctuary offered to the public of Westchester County. The Angle Fly Preserve is a protected property, which provides recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, nature study and much more. This protected land is critical for the surrounding Westchester environment and to its wildlife. Fortunately, the Angle Fly Preserve compliments our farm with providing its serene nature, engulfing the farms borders with majestic trees and having wild rabbits and deer as daily guests.


The farm was originally 230 acres wide, which helped preserve the surrounding area. Throughout the years, the acres of the farm have reduced and currently is 40 acres wide. The soil on Hemato Institute’s farm has been untouched by the use of synthetic pesticides, GMO’s, antibiotics and hormones, exceeding the organic standards. Our old apple orchards are a staple on the farm, its roots as old as the establishment of the farm. Currently, we have three geo-dome greenhouses, inhabiting our organically grown Sorrel herbs.

Our farm brings a sense of calmness as soon as you enter through its gates. A walk through its orchards and gardens is the perfect day spent on a weekend to get away from normal everyday life. Be a part of future events and farm projects or come to learn about living an organic lifestyle from one of our farm members. Come during the fall, winter, spring and summer to see what each passing season has to offer!