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Your donation supports Hemato Institute’s mission.

Hemato Institute’s mission is to promote a healthy lifestyle through research and education. Food, water and air are all important parts of our daily intake. Our 40 acre organic farm is focused on various plants and trees that benefit your body. Your fence donation not only secures a ground base for food production and research, but also expands our ability to outreach to others. Give today and stand for our mission, research on health and inspiration to all.


Hemato Institute

protect our fruits & vegetables

Attacks are more frequent than you expect.

Year after year our farm is challenged by animals who enjoy our organic fields day and night, all season long. Although we love to see nature enjoying the benefits with us, we prefer to keep just a bit more than what is taken.

Within a day or over a night, a single crop can be completely gone after a hefty feast. When the plant’s leaves and stalks are consumed it is very unlikely for it to grow back enough to fruit again.

Various natural methods have been tried and tested. Unpleasant scents, temporary barriers, motion based/ultrasonic deterrents all had some effect but whenever an opportunity is found, nature has not failed to make the most out of it.

Fencing our farm will protect us from our most frequent guest, Ms. Deer, along with her close friends Mr. Skunk and Mr. Opossum. Uncle Fox will also face a challenge once the fence is up and running.

But to make this all happen, YOUR help is needed.



We love our certified organic free-range chickens.

But we face the attacks with a heavy heart.

The unwanted guests

There’s more than what meets the eye. The hidden unwanted matters.

Hidden away under thick deer fur, ticks secretly enter our farm along the deer paths. Certain ticks carry Lyme disease, a serious illness that may cause chronic pains and many other conditions when left untreated.  Limiting deer access is the first and most important step in deterring this unwanted threat.

the fence

Just over 1 mile covering the whole perimeter

6ft in height

Black coated galvanized chain link fence with tension wires

Built to last


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